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Santa Fe Ole Food Company also packs products for a variety of small businesses throughout central and northern New Mexico.  Our commercial kitchen has Food and Drug Administration approval to operate and is licensed through the New Mexico Environment Department.

Although we are a small business our capabilities are not and we service a wide variety of customers.  We produce everything from Barbeques sauces to Vinegretes.  We put as much care in to our customers products as we do to our own products.

One of the many excellent products produced at Santa Fe Ole Food Company, this is a vegan Gingered Barbe et Queue sauce from Grand Knuckler Saucewerks in Santa Fe.

We make a trio of salsas and sauces for the Santa Fe School of Cooking, two fire roasted salsas (Tomato and Tomatillo) and a Chipotle en Adobo sauce.  For the fire roasted salsas we break out the chile roaster and roast the main ingredients, Jalapeño, Tomato or Tomatillo and Onion.  Visit the Santa Fe School of Cooking for these items. 

If you love raspberry products these are the ones for you, Salman Ranch grows the best Raspberries in La Cueva, NM.  Visit Salman Ranch on the web or in person.

Please stop by again. Thank you for your interest in our products!